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The Coilmac EPI is a heavy-duty electric spiral coil-binding machinewith both an electric punch and an electric coil inserter. This bindingmachine is one of the largest and most impressive desktop combinationunits on the market today. The Coilmac EPI offers all of the rightfeatures for any medium to large organization.


The Coilmac EPI has one of the largest punch-capacities available in adesktop binding machine. It's official punching capacity is 25 sheetsfor 20lb bond paper, but 22 sheets is actually more accurate. Themachine can punch 2 clear covers at a time, using a foot pedal control,allowing you to hold your document in both hands while punching andinserting.

The machine's open-throat design allows you to punch longer documents,by using the continuous punching guide. The guide is a small metal pinon the side of the punching throat that helps you align the documentwhile you flip it over to punch the other side.

The punching guide is not where the extras end, however. The machine also includes a pair of coil crimping pliers to help you finish yourcoil bound documents and a depth-of-punch margin control, to allowadjustments for hole locations within the diameter of the page. Inaddition, the Colimac EPI allows adjustments for binding 8.5", 11", A4and A5 paper and punching 14" legal sized paper and other longerdocuments.

Finally, unlike most coil-binding machines, the Coilmac EPI can handleoversized covers by moving the paper guide to align the last pin on themachine with the corresponding hole on the cover.


The Coilmac EPI has a variety of unique benefits, but there are somelimitations to take into consideration. While not a widespread issue,the machine doesn't offer fully disengageable dies, making it difficultto work on customosized, non-standard documents.

In addition, the machine's single foot pedal requires theflip-of-a-switch to change from inserting to punching. This makes them achine less efficient for users who prefer to punch one book at a timeand then insert the coil. With the EPI its faster and more efficient topunch first, then insert the coils If you work with very large volumes,you may be better served with a stand-alone coil inserter and a modularpunch that allows two users to work on a project at one time


With heavy duty all metal construction, the Coilmac EPI is mosquito killer bulb built "likea tank." It weighs almost 75lbs and is designed for long lastingdurability. This durability makes the coil mack the ideal machine forany medium to high volume applications.

The only part on the EPI that requires regular replacement is the smallrubber belt that drives the coil inserter. The belt is simple to replace and only costs a few dollars. Any other components on the EPIcan be replaced, but it's usually not necessary. If the need arises,however, the EPI is much easier, and cost-effective to repair than mostdesktop binding units.


I would highly-recommend the Coilmac EPI for anyone looking for a solidspiral-coil binding solution for mid-high volume projects. The machineis built to last and should be able to handle almost any job that youhave for it.

Higher volume users may need a separate coil inserter or even anadditional stand-alone inserter, which may affect the ultimate decisionto purchase the Coilmac EPI. In most every other way, however, the EPIis effective and efficient for your needs. You really can't go wrongwith the Coilmac EPI.

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